Health Tools

The SupportLinc portal provides access to a variety of evidence-based health tools that you can use to assess your health and wellbeing.

PHQ-9: The PHQ-9 is a validated screening tool focusing on symptoms of depression.

Access PHQ-9

GAD-7: The GAD-7 is a validated screening tool and symptom severity measure focusing on the four most common anxiety disorders.

Access GAD-7

Stress and Health Self Test: The Stress Screener provides feedback regarding your risk of experiencing health consequences due to your stress levels.

Access Stress Screener

Drinking Pattern Assessment: Answer these questions to find out how your drinking pattern compares to those of other adults.

Access Drinking Pattern Assessment

Alcohol Use Screening (AUDIT-C): The AUDIT-C is a validated screening tool focusing on symptoms of alcohol dependence.

Access AUDIT-C

Substance Abuse Screening (ASSIST): ASSIST is a brief screening tool that focuses on dependency related to alcohol, tobacco products and other drugs.


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